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Our Own Style of Play   March 10, 2015 to April 12, 2015

Josianne Poirier

The rules of the game are simple. There is a pile of wooden sticks in the centre of the table. Players take it in turns to gingerly remove one stick at a time. As long as the pile remains static, the player can attempt another; as soon as sticks begin to slip, the next player takes over. At times it seems as though our leaders are sadistically enjoying a similar game. Players from municipal, provincial, and federal governments sit around the table. Methodically, they take turns in making their move: remove funding here, reduce a budget ... {read more}



Learning to say yes   January 16, 2015 to February 15, 2015

Edwin Janzen

Critiquing capitalism is tricky business. As “the system” pushes itself into every space and “marketizes” every phenomenon, even benign social interventions like public libraries and bike lanes seem radical. An entire adult generation has grown up knowing nothing except triumphal capitalism, with no idea what alternatives “really look like.” Today, looking beyond capitalism’s boundaries has become nigh impossible, and it may be said that any critique arising from within an advanced capitalist ... {read more}



Krakow Meets Montreal   September 23, 2014 to December 23, 2014

This autumn, articule will join with RiAP 2014 in presenting a performance art event that brings Polish and Montréal-based artists together. Justyna Gorowska, Michelle Lacombe, Devora Neumark, and Marta Ostajewska will explore modes of expression through the body, time, space, and signs.

In an era of cultural globalization, what links can be traced between ways that issues relating to body or place are expressed in performance art around the world? Does a shared national or global history influence the body’s ... {read more}



Everyday Cooking, Cooking Every Day   August 12, 2014 to August 26, 2014

Edwin Janzen

The act of cooking in the milieu of twenty-first century capitalism has emerged as a site of conspicuous contradictions, as this everyday necessity has been ruthlessly commercialized, and thereby exceptionalized. We regard the celebrity chefs of reality television with adulation, while casually identifying ourselves, even in the absence of a connoisseur’s knowledge, as “foodies.” Every next week we convince ourselves of the heights of health that some old-yet-new, essential “superfood” will permit us to scale, ... {read more}




Rhonda Meier

One of the foremost multimedia artists of her generation, Lisa Reihana is renowned for creating works that reinterpret and reinvigorate traditional Maori stories and knowledge. Mareikura are noble, celestial, or supernatural maidens—or treasured, esteemed and dear ones—and articule is honoured to host them in the most ... {read more}



Husbands and Wives   April 25, 2014

Rhonda Meier

There are only two things I care about in life mostly—those two things are art and love … art is something that no matter what you do, it will always be with you, but love, love is the hardest …1


Between Reality and Transcendence is Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s profoundly felt lament on relationships lost. Stemming from her performance-driven practice, this exhibition consists of 12 large-scale photographs (The  ... {read more}



Self Control Room   March 07, 2014

Marlène Renaud-B.

We subject ourselves to different forms of self-surveillance everyday. We, the subject, are fundamentally altered by the content, information and imagery that is stored within, so that we become increasingly exogenous, constructing and defining ourselves according to these media, removing ourselves from reality.


A monolith emerges. An omniscient octagonal structure. We are being watched. Cameras aimed at different parts of the gallery make us more self-conscious. A playground strewn with objects, the bare ... {read more}



Who Let The Dark In?   January 17, 2014

Amber Berson

Sarah Pupo is an animator in multiple senses of the word. Her works all radiate a life of their own, coming alive in front of the viewer. For In the Night Room, a series of video animations and watercolors will animate articule’s gallery in an effort to recreate the psychological spaces her work inhabits.

Manifestations of immanent forces without any imposed structure, Pupo’s work allows for experiences located beneath organized thought. It looks deep into the dark or night or, as Pupo describes it, a dream space ... {read more}



Streams, Torrents, and Waves   December 07, 2013

Nahed Mansour (Toronto)

Streams, Torrents, and Waves brings together eleven video art works that speak to bodies in flow. Drawing on Arjun Appadurai’s notion of global flows, these videos examine bodies negotiating the various mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes, ethnoscapes, and ideoscapes shaping each artist’s specific context. Narrative styles include experimental documentary, storytelling through performance, use of digital technologies to assert identities, and commentary on the shifting visibility of subjects. An engagement ... {read more}



Magical Rings   

Edwin Janzen

The boxer sports a lurid, bedraggled regalia of gloves and athletic pads, but stares away into space with blank eyes. The boxer’s opponent, too, is in rough shape, with eyes—indeed, with entire body—swathed in bandages, head and limbs supported by a scaffold of improvised joists and braces suggesting injuries so fantastic they must be metaphysical. Egged on by a pair of hyenas, everyone is ready for a bout that seems unlikely to happen. Nearby are the figures of two more boxers, their robes like windows into other realms ... {read more}



Quand faire, c’est dire   August 30, 2013

Julie Tremble Natalie Olanick

The exhibition title Quand faire, c’est dire inverts the title of a well-known work by John Langshaw Austin[1] in which he posits theories regarding “speech acts.” Austin’s work radically influenced philosophical notions of language, transforming it from a descriptive tool into a means of effecting action upon the world. In an interview, artist Chelsea Knight explains that for her “relationships of power are at the core of every social interaction. They affect the way we use and ... {read more}



Approaching Stillness   October 18, 2009

Andrew Frosst

Born from a mutual interest in each other’s work, Tedi Tafel and Vida Simon’s three part collaboration explores both the relation of an artist’s performance to its audience and the effect of cosmic events on our daily lives. To approach this inquiry, the artists can be seen primarily as employing the element of play (not in the sense of competitive play, but as a sort playful dealing with everyday events). This can be seen in previous works such as Tafel’s immersive intervention titled From the Cougar Cabin to the ... {read more}



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