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Mona Sharma : The Loss and Reclamation of Faith   December 09, 2011

Graham Hall

Faith does not question, it believes;  it does not stray, it is a constant companion. It is a reliable bulwark, against which we may judge our actions and those of others.  Despite this unwavering attitude, faith is nonetheless open to re-evaluation and to compromise.

Through her sculptural work, Mona Sharma confronts this often murky human construction.  Though soft, pop and seemingly playful, the objects Sharma creates deal very much with trauma, destruction and disaster.  However, rather than dwell upon ... {read more}



Faussaire: Forger   November 18, 2011

Natalie Olanick

Forged works in the art world are never completely true to their claims of false copies. To make a false or forged work of art, a process is under taken where the imagination of the original artist is carefully studied and a new work is produced. That act of forgery is more like an extension of the particular aims realized in the original work.

To falsify, is to slip behind the original and go deeper into the work.

As one becomes occupied in a work of art, the process, materials and results become the dominant force of a work; ... {read more}



MILE END MAPPING – A map with back alleys   October 21, 2011

Edith Brunette

On a warm Saturday afternoon in September, we sit in articule’s storefront window surrounded in coloured stamps and ink pads, and trace our paths across the neighbourhood on large and small maps with no names and no streets. Passers-by with the sun in their eyes stop to look; some come in, some stay to chat. Coco, the centre’s Outreach Coordinator, tells me about the origins of this re-mapping of “arty” Mile End by those in the know and shows me the previous year’s Mile End Art Map, a sober quadrille of blue ... {read more}



For my dad   May 03, 2013

Graham Hall

One element of the desire to make, or re-make, is born of some need or another to alter or adapt.  I may need a certain tool for a particular job, and as a result I alter an existing tool to the task at hand; yet in the process I also destroy the original use of that tool.  Use is not forever.  Take, for example the caravan;   a romance, a burlesque on travelers and gypsies, a notion of freedom set askew.  Though it may promise the open road and a temporary life of leisure, it is a provisional home whose innate ... {read more}



The Uneasy Life by Rhonda Meier   January 25, 2013

Rhonda Meier

Knowledge.  Who has it?  How is it defined, and valued?  And by whom?   Building on previous dialogical projects with street-involved people,  Linda Duvall and Peter Kingstone elicit these questions and others in their collaborative installation, Living in Ten Easy Lessons

For this project the artists approached ten women at a Toronto shelter, asking to be instructed in a skill that the women have mastered, found especially useful, or simply wanted to share. ... {read more}



Monitor   November 04, 2011

Amber Berson

Dil Se (From the Heart) is a 1998 Bollywood story of forbidden love between a terrorist and the journalist who loves her. Set in India around the 50th anniversary of Pakistani independence, the film was unsuccessful in South Asian markets but wildly popular in the U.S. and the U.K., and was the first Indian film to enter the top ten on U.K. box office charts.

I am most familiar with a particular epic dance sequence, which takes place shortly after the lovers first meet. In the scene, a train drives through a lush, green ... {read more}




Erin Cusack

The exploration of identity gives rise to points of resistance, particularly among those who diverge from the dominant social prescriptions around gender and sexuality. Identifying as queer rejects the binaries of gender and sexuality that shape the patriarchal structures of the social world. Historically considered derogatory, queer has been reclaimed by some LGBT communities as an umbrella term for a spectrum of non-conforming gender identities and/or non-heterosexual orientations. The inclusiveness of the term queer can provide ... {read more}



Territorial Re-Marks by Jasia Stuart   October 19, 2012

Jasia Stuart

Opening in October 2012 in Montreal’s artist-run centre articule and showing at Brooklyn’s The Front Room Gallery in January 2013 exhibit a duo from each of the respective cities. Montreal’s Michelle Lacombe will perform Where we touched; A drawing of places to meet authors a piece in which she underlines passages of a text on the gallery wall, depicting a sometime invisible exchange between reader and author.  Also of Montreal, Jerome Havre’s fibre sculptures make use of light and flame to reference ... {read more}



Rat Race / Art Race   August 24, 2012

Edwin Janzen

“Success is the necessary misfortune of life, but it is only to the very unfortunate that it comes early.” —Anthony Trollope


The Quebec student protests of 2012 shone new light onto the challenges facing young people in the context of twenty-first century capitalism. It is now normal, we learned, for graduates in today’s “age of austerity” to enter the workforce carrying five-figure debts. Upon graduating, moreover, these young people encounter far stiffer competition and fewer ... {read more}



Statistics as Portraiture – Sam Kinsley and Mass   August 02, 2013

Amber Berson

Mass, a large scale drawing intervention, is an attempt at methodologically and symbolically lessening the burden of debt and the weight of the numbers we use to identify ourselves on a daily basis: social insurance numbers, credit card balances, student loan debt, identification cards, student numbers, etc. For Sam Kinsley, these numeric representations add up to more than the sum of their parts. Accumulated, the numbers represent a struggle to overcome anonymity and to erase the burden of the socially accepted accruement of debt ... {read more}



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