Whose Toes  Barry Doupé (British Columbia)
  • Barry Doupé, Whose Toes
     Barry Doupé, Whose Toes
18 Mar 2011 to 17 Apr 2011

Whose Toes is a distant, false memory. Showcasing the late Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy as its main characters, it is an invitation to return to past events that have caused discomfort and, collective trauma, and to re-imagine a misstep in time. The narrative threads need to be spoken aloud to be made sense of. The air from your mouth has to enter the collective sphere of air. An open mouth, circular and centerless, held open by centrifugal force — agasp, empty, rotten out by conspiracy. To sidestep the inheritance of the world. A new time branch that connects the personal experience to the rest of the world. A distorted delusion smearing personal and collective failures. The clockwork of human interaction, a historical soft spot, an ethical blind spot.

Please be advised that some material might not be suitable for children.


Evening screenings: Friday March 25, April 8 and 16, 7pm

Ponytail follows several inflicted characters and recounts the ways in which they find resolve. A series of scenarios held together by an attraction to failure and its spectacle describe the characters' malfunction -- their inability to fulfill personal desire. Compelled by the consequences and rewards of their attempts they question their own trajectory. Ponytail presents a unique society of characters that employ elements of melodrama, performative monologue and traditional narrative structure.


Participating Artists: Barry Doupé (British Columbia)
Credits: Image : Barry Doupé, Whose Toes, 2011    

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