Soupe Souper Supper!  Morgan Sea (Montréal)
  • Soupe Souper Supper!
     Soupe Souper Supper!
05 Dec 2013

Everywhere you look these days, there are super-heroes to be found, on the tv, in the movie theatres, in comic books… everywhere! But have you ever thought to yourself, ‘what is this superhero stuff really all about?’ Like many folks, you probably don’t have the time or humility to delve into the world of comics and let it consume your every waking thought. So with that in mind, articule welcomes you to an evening of entertainment with queer comic enthusiast, Morgan Sea!

Ms. Sea believes comics are an amazing resource for understanding our culture, power dynamics and the patriarchy; as well as a great way to explore subverting these forces and creating new utopian visions. Discover what amazing metaphorical value is being explored by these monthly serialized dips in science fiction and contemporary fantasy. Explore the underworld of fan-fiction, head-canons and meta-analysis. Join us for a multimedia journey into super contemporary fantasy where justice will be served, with soup!


Morgan Sea is a transsexual artist, living and loving in Montreal. Her performance, video, and storytelling practice often blends fantasy and queer theory to create trans feminist mythologies. Sea graduated from Inter-Media Cyber Arts at Concordia University, after studying media art at Alberta College of Art + Design, and ‘pataphysics in her bedroom. Alongside her artistic practice, Sea is an active vlogger in the Youtube Trans*community and produces a monthly radio program, Tranzister Radio, that celebrates trans cultural production. By using any accessible technology and a hearty ‘do it yourself’ work ethic, Sea hopes to encourage a more tangible and flexible culture for trans*people everywhere.


Soup $5, Special grilled cheese $2
With the support of : Vova Patisserie Boulangerie russe authentique

Soups’n are a series of fundraising events organized by articule members with the support of local sponsors who donate soup.


Participating Artists: Morgan Sea (Montréal)
Credits: Image : Morgan Sea    

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