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15 Mar 2013 to 24 Aug 2013

More than a defensive carapace, an armour is an assertion of intent, a display of willingness to enter battle, and an exhibition of allegiances. For this year's Members' Show, members have been invited to create wearable art pieces that reflect important themes in their work. They've been tasked with devising armour that displays their artistic practice, their influences, and preferred sources of engagement. Each participating member will arrive to the opening in full battledress. At the end of the evening all armours will be removed, left on the battlefield, and hung up to create the exhibition.

Featured artists : Stéphanie Beaulieu, Didier Delfolie-Noulin, Samuel Garrigó Meza, Graham Hall, Sylvie Laplante, Alanna Lynch, Candace Mooers, Natalie Olanick, Justine Skahan, Jacqueline van der Geer, Julie Laurin, Jordan Loeppky- Kolesnik


Justine Skahan This armour is about time, and how we choose to measure and value it.

Justine Skahan is a Montreal based artist, with an interest in painting and drawing. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has had the opportunity to co- curate several group shows. Skahan co-runs studio 427, the studio-come-gallery space in Montreal’s well-known Belgo building and is also an active member of articule. She has volunteered at numerous artist-run centres and festivals. She holds a degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (2010).


Natalie Olanick Warm, glamorous, protective and seductive.

Natalie Olanick is an artist, writer and part-time curator. She teaches at Dawson College and is on the board of articule. She has shown her work in various galleries and museums in Canada and the United States. She has always engaged in painting as an explorative practice.


Candace Mooers: Yearning to Return 2013 This hand-me-down shirt was worn by an anti-globalization activist during the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999. The artist wore this shirt in the Omani desert in 2013. She embroidered a line from Wilfrid Thesiger's 1959 Arabian Sands travelogues to the area, a “bitter, desiccated land that knows nothing of gentleness or ease.” The artwork embodies histories of struggle for survival.

Since 1995, Candace Mooers has worked in alternative media. Writing zines, hosting community radio shows, and organizing all-ages punk concerts have all figured part of her DIY counter-cultural ethic. She has recently begun to work in embroidery, reconnecting with matrilineal methods. Her art practice explores gendered divisions of labour and digital cultures of communication. She is past Executive Director of Gallery Connexion (Fredericton) and Production Coordinator for The HTMlles 10, produced by Studio XX (Montreal).


Alanna Lynch: My art practice revolves around making myself vulnerable, self-disclosure and using material qualities to provoke a visceral response. I would like to wear a large-scale mass of bright pink twisted guts as my armour to reflect my tendency to follow my intuition and reveal myself. I have attached an in-progress photo of my guts.

Alanna Lynch completed a BFA in Fibres at Concordia University in 2009. She is currently completing a Masters degree in Library Science at McGill and conducting research on how artists search for images. She also holds a BA in Psychology from Queen's University. She has exhibited in Canada, Mexico and Argentina and is a member of the Au Deuxième studio collective.


Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik: Miamy 2013 The sculpture series, Miamy, is a set of artificial meals rendered in coloured silicone. Asking the question, “What do the aesthetics of our food mean?” the sculptures illustrate a unique line of food products unbound by the constraints of current-day ingredients.

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik is a Montréal visual artist working in moving image, sculpture, and installation. Through these mediums, he investigates the materiality and connotations of form and image in relation to culture. His recent work explores the themes of nature and geography, tourism and leisure, and urbanism.


Julie Laurin My armour project will be in collaboration with the public. Dressed with a number of layers specially designed for the event, the artist will ask the participant to remove the superficial layers over her body. To do so, the person will have to wear a bacteriological-proof uniform.

Julie Laurin is a multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture installation and performance. She completed her BFA at Concordia University in 2011. Since then she has been working with mundane objects as material for her sculptures. She participated to a residency in Spain during summer 2012 where she studied the spirituality of materials in sculpture and the materiality of the body in a series of performances.


Sylvie Laplante south-west perspective, 2012 trajectory found objects, markers, acrylic paint, printed ribbon glued on a jean. slideshow: with photographs from Iram Ghufran. On the 23 and 24 May 2012, I travelled to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, Porrentruy, St-Ursanne and Delémont. I was accompanied by the artist Iram Ghufran. In order to produce a journey's diary, i used my jean as a canvas to notify time and locations. Iram photographed the evolution of the journal.

Sylvie Laplante studied art at Concordia University and theatre at UQAM and in France. Using installation, video, sketching, sculpture, urban action and photography, she is interested in the exploration and perceptions of domesticated landscapes and patterns. For Sylvie Laplante, the circumstances and conditions met through the course of trajectories represent an opportunity to verify chosen methods of perceptions, and to initiate reconstructions. She lives in Montreal.


Edwin Janzen Semidisposable Smoking Jacket, 2007 Featuring a pattern of Ziploc containers printed in gold on resplendent fabric, this top-flight smoking jacket is worthy of even the most prepossessing 007 art-school hipster playboy. Thus, the so-called “semidisposable” Ziploc, useful enough to keep without “hoarding,” cheap enough to discard without guilt, becomes indistinguishable from that which it contains. Re-figuring the Ziploc’s purposes—to contain, to preserve—this garment suggests the uncomfortable proposition that we, too, are more than a little bit semidisposable ourselves. Winnipeg-born, Montreal-based visual artist

Edwin Janzen completed his MFA at the University of Ottawa (2010) and his BFA at Concordia University (2008). He also holds a BA in History (Byzantine Empire) from the University of Manitoba (1994). Edwin works as a freelance commercial writer and editor, and serves on articule’s board of directors and innumerable committees.


Graham Hall Imhotep is the first artist in history whose name we know. He was an architect and a physician in ancient Egypt. He built pyramids.

Graham Hall lives and works in Montreal. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (Drawing and Painting, 2000), and of OCAD's off-campus programme in Florence, Italy (2001). While often figurative in nature, Hall's work has more recently shown an increasing interest in abstraction. Graham has been an active member of articule since 2003.


Jacqueline van der Geer What is an armour without 'amour'? Inspired by medieval knights at play in tournaments, I prepared a costume that is light to wear and easy to expose.

Jacqueline van de Geer, born in the Netherlands and currently based in Montreal, has worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Edinburgh's Fringe, Canada and Czech Republic as a performer and artist. She has an MFA in Studio Arts and Theatre.


Samuel Garrigó Meza Sweatshirt 2013 This garment has been granted permission to put me at ease; I have willed it to supply me with comfort when I wear it. Romantic dates, artist talks, riding the metro alone, are easily accomplished feats within this armour.

Samuel Garrigó Meza is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. His works focus on manners of deploying and reconstructing text and voice, often using discomfort and awkwardness as means of communication and aesthetic goals. He has a BA in Philosophy and currently resides in Montréal.


Didier Delfolie-Noulin Storyline 2013 About my “armure”: a weave formed by an interlacing of weft and warp threads, an armour that, despite all its shimmering, inevitably evokes the tyranny of the grid and the defensive artificiality of our dual relationship. About the vitality of felt: multidimensional and aggregative, overturning hierarchies, makes us feel the murmuring nature of our chaotic condition. About “chaorder”: precisely between chaos and order, polyphonic and polysemic archi-texture that characterizes the "narrative machine" of our thoughts.

Transmedia artist favoring on-site, process, gesture, maneuver…, what moves Didier Delfolie-Noulin, it's the hinge, the articulation, the interface, what binds and divides. Between here and there, image and sound, content and form, his work includes video, installation, performance, relational art, multi-media, music composition, writing... Exploring the fields of possibility, he walks, fond of shortcuts, along the dance and song lines of the blue planet. He lives and works in Montreal.


Stéphanie Beaulieu Conflictual situations or misunderstandings are ubiquitous in every community. The ideal attitude would simply be to act with others the way you would appreciate others to act with you. All mothers around the globe are trying to teach that to their children. Unfortunately, the defensive attitude is most of the time the first to be adopted. Human beings should open up, demonstrate altruism and understanding.

Stéphanie Beaulieu is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. After more than 10 years working in the advertising industry, she started a BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University that she completed in England at Newcastle University in 2011. Within an anthropomorphic installation-based practice, she tries to illustrate her understanding of human behaviours in the way they respond to their needs. Her work questions our individual role in how others define themselves.


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