Objet d'ailleurs  Brigitte Schuster
  • Objet d'ailleurs
     Objet d'ailleurs
05 May 2010 to 08 May 2013

Participatory event and site-specific installation
Thursday May 5: 5.30 to 9 pm (event opening)
Friday May 6: 12-7.30 pm
Saturday May 7: 12-5 pm
Sunday May 8: 12-5 pm

The project objet d'ailleurs (objetdailleurs.com)  is an ongoing collection of stories from immigrants to Montréal or other cities in the world, about objects that remind them of their home country. During the event, visitors are invited to participate in the project: the artist will be present to collect objects and stories from people who are new to Montréal. Objects and stories will be shown concurrently in articule's gallery space.

If you are not born in Montréal, please bring with you one personal possession from your home country. This should be an object that evokes for you personal, sentimental values, or feelings towards a place or certain memories. During the event, the artist will photograph the object and conduct a short interview with you about this object.


Brigitte Schuster works as a multidisciplinary artist, independent graphic designer, and as an educator for graphic design and typography at a college in Montréal. She has lived in countries including Brazil, Italy, The Netherlands, and Portugal She immigrated to Montréal six years ago, which makes her part of a large percentage of Montréalers who live in between their homeland and an adopted nation. objet d'ailleurs contextualizes the conceptual underpinnings of Brigitte's art practice: since 2005, she has been using photography and other mediums to create social documentary projects that often focus on individuals and their relationship to place and culture. brigitteschuster.com


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