Montreal Monochrome V: Emergency Landing  Kalale Dalton-Lutale (Montreal) Cason Sharpe (Montreal) Phoebe Heintzman Hope (Montreal) Nènè Myriam Konaté (Montreal) Kaie Kellough (Montreal) Cedar-Eve Peters (Montreal) Isabella Weetaluktuk (Montreal) Camille Georgeson-Usher (Montreal)
06 Apr 2017 to 08 Apr 2017


( English version below )


Tiohtià:ke enwatónhnhá:ren ne 375 niiohserá:ke ionsakáhewe, ne kariwanóntha ne Emergency Landing.  Ki enwatonhnhá:ren ne Tioihtià:ke Otióhkwa ne 375 niiohserá:ke ionsakáhewe, tho iá:ken ní:ioht í:wehre kanatarà:ken tsi tenió’iá’ke ne iá:ken karaké:wa’s ne ne tsi nontaiawénhseron tsi í:we ne tehotiniataríá:kon raotihetkénhsera.  Montreal Monochrome V: Emergency Landing í:wehre takátahste ki iah ‘eh’ té:ioht oká:ra.
Tiohtià:ke Monochrome nia’teiohserá:ke waterihwahtentiá:’tha tsi niiohtonhátie ne iah ónhka tehonwanatatiá:se tánon ne ronwanahtohrará:kon nikentiohkwá:sa ne Tiohtià:ke ratiráhstha otióhkwa.  Ne ioió’tens ne ne aontakáhawe atenro’será:se tánon ne shé:kon atenró:sera í:ken akatátie aontahontèn:rohwe tánon ahontenro’serón:ni tsi na’tehónteron ne Onkwehón:we ratiráhstha, tsi niionkwarihó:ten rotiió’tens, tánon iah ne aiontatkèn:ron. Ne ki’ kaka’én:ions tsi nonwéshon ne kahetkénhsera kanakwènhtshera iotohétston tánon ne rotinetsó:ton, tho nenkaié:ren nia’tekónhson enwaterihwahtentiá:ton, tenkathará:’on, tenwatierónnionke tánon tenwatstikáwhen, ne aontakáhawe ne  Onkwehónwe ahonwatiwenná:ronke. Tsi entká:iehste ne articule, ne tenióia’ke ne tsi niwathá:wi, raononhontsá:ke tánon ne ohóntsa.

Iakwahtonkarawis aiesewaken’énion tsi ní:ioht tsi kanà:taien tehotiniatariiá:kon ronaterihwahtentiá:ton, ne aónton ne skátne tsi tá:we ia’tahóntiehste ohnaió:ton tóka é:ren akahawíhton  ne tehotiniatariiá:kon raonateweién:na tánon Onkwehón:we raonateweiién:na akáhente.  Akwe iakwakenén:ions oh nahó:ten iotón:’on naho’tén:shon í:we.


Ne Fabulous Committee ne raotiio’ténhsera é:ren akahawíhte ne ahtohraráhtshera tánon aontakáhawe nia’teiakahontsá:ke aiontiá:taren. Tho ratiiá:tare ne ratiráhstha tsi ionkwaterihwahtentiá:ton. Ne Montreal Monochrome ronterihwatentiá:tha  ne akorihwá:ke ne kenikentióhkwa’s ne iah onhka tehonwanatatiá:se tánon ne ronwanahtohrará:kon ne Tiohtià:ke ie’terón:ton ratiráhstha




As Montreal celebrates its 375th anniversary, we require an Emergency Landing. The promotional material being put forward by The Society for the Celebration of Montreal's 375th Anniversary promotes a monochromatic white city whose festive atmosphere erases its ongoing history of colonial violence. Montreal Monochrome V: Emergency Landing aims to halt the course of this false narrative.

Montreal Monochrome is an annual event which aims to address the mis- and under-representation and systemic oppression of marginalized groups in Montreal’s contemporary art milieu. The event works toward imagining and nurturing new and existing bonds, solidarities and friendships between Indigenous artists, thinkers and cultural workers and their racialized allies. This edition aspires to explore Montreal’s urban landscape and its many (marked and unmarked) sites of violence and resistance through a series of creative projects, workshops, discussions, performances and field trips which prioritize Indigenous and racialized voices. The interventions – in and outside of articule’s walls – aim to question the concepts of time, territory and land(ing). 

This is an invitation to examine the city’s current colonial structure, to invent together the possibilities of decolonial futures and to explore how the present and the future can be indigenously determined. In considering new spaces of landing, we examine the responsibilities implicated in every migratory experience.


articule’s Fabulous Committee’s mandate is to develop anti-oppression strategies to make the centre more inclusive and culturally diverse. This includes the artists we present through our programming as well as our internal structure (members, board, staff). 


April 6
5pm - Intervention I: Orientation
Intermission I
6pm - Intervention II: TwoHungryChildren
Intermission II
7:30pm - Intervention III: Cedar-Eve Peters

April 7
4pm - Intervention IV: Wood Land School
Intermission III
5pm - Intervention V: Nènè Myriam Konaté 
Intermission IV
8:30pm - Intervention VI: Kaie Kellough

April 8
12pm - Intervention VII: Phoebe Heinztman Hope
Intermission V
3pm - Intervention VIII: Uppity NDNs
Intermission VI
4:30pm - Intervention IX: (Re)orientation

(Click below for descriptions and participants' bios.)


The members of the Montreal Monochrome V sub-committee are: Kaeten Bonli, Sophia Borowska, Vivardy Boursiquot, Nazik Dakkach, lola ertel, Nima Esmailpour, Dominique Fontaine, Gabriel Gheorghiu, Priya Zoe Jain, Camille Larivée, Ronald Rose-Antoinette.

Writing and copy-editing: Kaeten Bonli, Sophia Borowska, Nazik Dakkach, Ronald Rose-Antoinette
Translation: Vivardy Boursiquot, Camille Larivée, Hilda Nicholas, Rose-Anne St-Paul
Graphic Design: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo
Coordination: Sophie Le-Phat Ho (Outreach Coordinator)


Discussion and Workshops  

Participating Artists: Kalale Dalton-Lutale (Montreal) Cason Sharpe (Montreal) Phoebe Heintzman Hope (Montreal) Nènè Myriam Konaté (Montreal) Kaie Kellough (Montreal) Cedar-Eve Peters (Montreal) Isabella Weetaluktuk (Montreal) Camille Georgeson-Usher (Montreal)
Credits: Image: LOKI     
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  5pm - Intervention I: Orientation, Fabulous Committee Join the participants and organizers for the official launch of the 5th edition of Montreal Monochrome as well as an orientation on Emergency Landing...
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arrow_rightMMV: Emergency Landing - Day 2
Friday, April 7, 2017

  4pm - Intervention IV: Wood Land School Meet at 4pm at SBC Gallery for a guided tour of Wood Land School, followed by a discussion with some of the members.
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

12pm - Intervention VII: Womb Cxre Presents: Landing(s) pt. 2, Phoebe Heinztman Hope In this second half of a collaboration with CC:MTL's "Clap Back" series, voice and movement will be used as mediums...
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