Monitoring the Community Meal  Corrie Peters (Montréal)
  • Corrie Peters, Monitoring the community meal
     Corrie Peters, Monitoring the community meal
02 Jul 2011 to 02 Aug 2011

For the month of July I will be pulling my handmade mobile kitchen/dining room in the neighbourhood surrounding articule and inviting people to share a meal with me.   At the same time I will be putting this action under surveillance as the location of the cart will be available at all times online at: 

In Montreal, since 1947, the sale of street food has been forbidden.* The authorities have continually explained it as necessary to protect the public from poor hygiene and to protect restaurants from competition. In other cities the ability to sell street food enables individuals from a lower socio-economic bracket and those who have immigrated an opportunity for a livelihood while also creating a diversity of cultural experiences.  This is the same population that much of our police and government funding is spent monitoring. 

Through my actions I hope to look at the street food experience as an opportunity for social engagement and reflect on the place of the artist within the social systems of power.


*In rare cases already established restaurants have been granted temporary licenses for specific events.


Corrie Peters is a Montreal-based visual artist whose practice is social and relational.  From the starting point of people's stories, to their intersections and connections, her work hopes to provoke questions about exclusion, empathy and systems of power.  Corrie received her BFA at Concordia University (2010) after a ten year career in the social work field.  She exhibits solo and collaborative work as well as organizing and curating exhibitions in Canada.  Corrie works for a local community mission that she values for the learning, inspiration and examples of strength she gains from the people there.

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