Les Murs  Christian Bujold (Montréal)
  • Christian Bujold, 2012
     Christian Bujold, 2012
01 Jul 2012 to 05 Aug 2012

A window is a physical, yet porous border between private and public spaces. Its translucence invites passersby to transgress that boundary with their gaze, whilst allowing the resident to escape, through his gaze, the space he's confined to. But to physically cross that glass wall from the outside is considered an offence. With Les Murs, Christian Bujold reflects on the confrontation between public space and private space, and on the physical and psychological boundaries that make them.

For this project, the artist will replace articule's front window with wood panels on which he will create a hyperrealistic representation of the space inside. The charcoal drawing will be exposed to the elements, and subjected to interventions by passersby and any other factors of deterioration. Thus diverted, the window will be impenetrable to the gaze, but will become modifiable. How and how far will the public take the freedom to intervene on this work which it – at first – does not own?  Made vulnerable, the piece will become an opportunity to reflect on acceptable behaviour towards private property in the public space, and on the transgression of that boundary.


Multidisciplinary artist Christian Bujold is interested in the contexts of art production and the explicit and implicit rules which guide interpersonal relations in given frameworks like public space or art spaces. In 2011, he graduated from UQAM's Visual and Media arts master's program. His work has been shown in Montreal, Toronto and Finland. He has collaborated with artists from various areas like painter and video artist Mario Côté, choreographers Louise Bédard, Christine Marneffe (La Lecture) and Danièle Desnoyers (Hozrho), composer Michel Gonneville (Hozrho), performers Mathieu Lacroix, Jason Arsenault and Bélinda Campbell and video artist Anne Parisien.

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Participating Artists: Christian Bujold (Montréal)
Credits: Image : Christian Bujold, 2012    

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