Is Arts & Culture an Ally of Poor People?  Emmanuelle Jacques (Montréal)
18 Jan 2014

The first Mile End Art Map (MEAM) was made in 2007 by artist-run centre articule, in order to highlight and promote the diversity and vitality of the neighborhood, especially in terms of its independent arts and cultural spaces. Since then, Mile End has become an essential touristic attraction and a haven for developers and privileged creatives alike. The making of a new and fourth edition of the MEAM represents an opportunity to critically address that process, of which the popular MEAM is inherently part of, in order to look ahead...

In the context of the production of a new MEAM, articule invites current and former Mile End residents, and those of surrounding neighborhoods, to contribute to the collective mapping of past and current struggles in the city. In the context of gentrification, precarization and austerity in all sectors (including the arts), how are “diversity” and “vitality” affected? How are they redefined? How do they manifest themselves today and how would cartography contribute in that process of keeping the neighborhood indeed alive?

Discussion and Workshops  

Participating Artists: Emmanuelle Jacques (Montréal)

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