In the Night Room  Sarah Pupo (Montréal)
17 Jan 2014 to 23 Feb 2014

Sarah Pupo’s work occupies a slippery in-between place both materially and thematically. Materially, it sits between painting and drawing, melding installation and animation. Thematically, it is a dream/night space populated by flowing teeth/tears, growths, moving shapes that creep and charcoal veils that envelop and cover. These forms stretch across boundaries and frames from one picture plane to another. Soft, unstable, morphing, they refer to both a psychological space and an internal body, active in its own dark landscape. The transformative, shifting, doubling, fluid, uncanny qualities of Pupo’s work could only live in a liminal place, one that lies between the realms of sleep and waking, of life and death.

For this exhibition, Sarah Pupo will present recent animations and produce new work. The gallery will be transformed into a black box, enveloping the viewer in a dream/night/subconscious space. Drawing on-site, Pupo will reveal her heavily process-based and improvised way of working. Following each work session, the day's labour will be compiled and added to the mutating sequence projected in the gallery. In addition to this animation, a drawing installation will grow throughout the exhibition period.

The artist will be in the gallery on Fridays (3pm-9pm) and Saturdays-Sundays (12pm-5pm).


Sarah Pupo lives and works in Montréal where she recently completed her MFA at Concordia University. Her practice integrates aspects of painting and drawing, installation and self-taught, provisional animation techniques. Her approach to making things prioritizes intuition, ritual, associative thinking and the flux of chance and control.

Recently, she was artist in residence at Kolin Ryynanen (Koli, Finland) and KIAC (Dawson City, Yukon) and screened animations in New York (Mix 26) and Montreal (Meta Wired Women Salon #11). Upcoming projects include a collaborative animation show at the Fofa Gallery (Montreal) and a residency at SIM (Reykjavik, Iceland).


articule gratefully thanks Dazibao, Optica and AXENEO7 for their support.


Participating Artists: Sarah Pupo (Montréal)
Credits: Image : Sarah Pupo, Untitled, 2013    
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