Hospitality 2: Gradually This Overview  PME-ART (Montréal)
  • Hospitality 2: Gradually This Overview
     Hospitality 2: Gradually This Overview
23 Apr 2010 to 16 May 2010

For HOSPITALITY 2: Gradually This Overview, the interdisciplinary art group PME-ART — Caroline Dubois, Claudia Fancello and Jacob Wren — along with invited participants and members of the public, will fully inhabit articule, attempting to create a genuinely surprising and human interaction between the artists and the participants/viewers.
Over 300 participants will be invited to answer a series of broad questions regarding social cohesion and communities. Each answer, written on a post-it, will then be placed systematically onto a wall of the gallery. As the project evolves, the artists will rearrange the answers in order to identify patterns and groupings. Gradually, an elaborate picture of peoples’ thoughts will form. 
In the larger context of the Hospitality series, which focuses on questions and strategies about how friends and strangers alike can interact in a manner that is at once useful, critical, hospitable and surprising, HOSPITALITY 2: Gradually This Overview looks at what can be learned about a community in a series of short interviews. It also proposes a way to gain some sort of overview as to why, how and what we all continue to think and feel about the world and our lives within it.
PME-ART will hospitably meet everyone showing up in the gallery but you are invited to make an appointment anytime at or at 514 284 3113.



Over the last ten years, PME-ART has presented its creations in Quebec, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States.  Its recent works include THE TITLE IS THE QUESTION (Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery), HOSPITALITY 1: The Title Is Constantly Changing (Studio 303, Rhubarb! Festival and Centre Clark) and HOSPITALITY 3: Individualism Was A Mistake (Usine C, Harbourfront Centre, Perfect Performance Festival-Stockholm, Inkonst-Malmö, Brut-Wien and FFT-Düsseldorf).


An artist working in visual arts, performance art, dance and theatre, Caroline Dubois collaborates with artists such as Julie Favreau, Belinda Campbell, Stéphane Gilot, Silvy Panet-Raymond and Antonija Livingstone. Her work has been presented at Dare-Dare, Clark, FTA, Tangente, Theatre La Chapelle, La Vitrine (Paris), among others. Claudia Fancello is a choreographer, performer and teacher; she collaborates with Ame Henderson/Public Recordings (Manual For Incidence, /Dance/Songs/) and Martin Bélanger (Grande Théorie unifiée, L’Ère des Ténèbres) among others. Many creations she was part of are now touring in Canada and abroad. Co-artistic Director of PME-ART, Jacob Wren is a writer and maker of eccentric performances. His work has been seen in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. His books include Unrehearsed Beauty and Families Are Formed Through Copulation. He frequently writes about contemporary art.


Participating Artists: PME-ART (Montréal)
Credits: Image : PME-ART, 2009  

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