Cultural Mediation  Renata Paciullo Ribeiro
01 Jan 2019 to 30 Jun 2019

articule welcomes Renata Paciullo Ribeiro as Cultural Mediator as part of the démART-mtl Program of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal! Since the beginning of the year, she has been hosting groups from community organizations, schools and neighbourhood institutions in articule's gallery. If you would like to arrange a group visit/guided tour for one of our upcoming exhibitions, please write to Renata at the following address:

Born in São Paulo, Canadian-Brasilian artistand cultural mediator Renata Paciullo Ribeiro holds a diploma from l'Université Lumière (France) in Artistic and Cultural Project Development. With a rich multidisciplinary and multicultural background, Renata sees art as a means to understand and reinvent the world. She loves to provoke dialogue, facilitate exchanges and co-create with others. With a sensitive eye tinted by the humanities and social sciences, she is interested in her artistic practice in the contrasts that mark her culture of origin, transforming them into aesthetic objects through abstract painting, installation and photography.

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Participating Artists: Renata Paciullo Ribeiro
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