Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art  Desearch Repartment (Cologne/Montréal)
  • Ateliers de création entrepreneuriale pour l'art
     Ateliers de création entrepreneuriale pour l'art
17 Jan 2015 to 15 Feb 2015

The Desearch Repartment is pleased to announce Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art that introduce innovative neoliberal strategies designed to empower you with the authentic status quo. In prototyping workshops participants play with identity commodification and Connectedness through experimentation with cutting-edge tools. The Desearch Repartment offers a methodology that uses social media, business innovation, socially engaged art practices, pop psychology and Eastern spiritualities to enlighten, and eliminate the restrictive cost of workers and citizens.

In the business world, we utilize creative processes to increase profit and promotions for individuals entitled to success. We also support the arts through well-funded competitive initiatives and by employing members of the creative class. Imagination, nonconformity and individuality transform us into energized world citizens that users can connect with.

The most innovative manifestation of neoliberal creativity is found in the contemporary art world. Artists drive towards prestige and careerism by promoting their ideas and identities to create profit. The artworld’s strength lies in flexible valuation and the subjectivity of criticism, allowing the artist to be a vehicle for economic success in collections, cultural tourism and elite branding.

With these workshops, active participants will harness these powerful tools to colonize creativity authentically. Our anti-disciplinary processes quantify the art world using successful formulas for creative production, flexible terminology and recognition. We design post-relational value systems by monetizing and instrumentalizing the social and cultural capital of participants. With the unveiling of Status Quo™, participants will have exclusive access to innovative artistic material that integrates easily across multiple mediums and platforms. Like an exciting reality TV show, Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art offer the rewards of accessibility or the frightening possibility of symbolically having your human worth questioned or eliminated. IT’S QUANTANAMO DAY!

About Us

The Desearch Repartment’s mission is to exercise neoliberal privilege through the removal of facts, context and responsibility. Profiting from modes of value recognition, we are dedicated to the creative practice of profit and to the absorption, neutralization and commodification of social justice and political dissent.


Participating Artists: Desearch Repartment (Cologne/Montréal)
Credits: Image : Desearch Repartment, Buddha™, digital image, 2014    
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