Mile End Mapping  
15 Oct 2011 to 25 Oct 2011

Since 2007, articule has published the Mile End Art Map to highlight and promote galleries, artist-run centres, and other places of cultural and artistic interest situated in Montréal’s Mile End. For this third edition of the map, articule invited its neighbours, fellow Mile End residents, to take part in a collective creative exercise relating to their neighbourhood. In a series of workshops held at the centre, participants were encouraged to reflect on notions of social cartography –socio-demographics, urban development, the places we reside in and appropriate, places of memory and places not represented by traditional maps. With this project, articule aims to inspire people to think creatively about cultural and artistic spaces, what they represent in daily life, and what the notion of neighbourhood means today.

The creation of the Mile End Art Map has been possible to the participation of Mile End neighbours and thanks to the generous contributions made by artist-run centers, galleries, independent boutiques and cultural spaces in the area.



Bricolage Urbain
Cartographism 1
Friday September 2nd, 7 - 9pm
Typically produced by professional cartographers or municipal authorities, city maps present one version of space. These maps are generally not conceived by citizens or reflective of their everyday experiences or their local knowledge. Cartographism invites residents to share all sorts of knowledge that can be viewed as “public” by exploring the theme of social cartography.


Emmanuelle Jacques
Subjective Cartography

Saturday September 17th, 1 - 4pm
Drawing of a subjective cartography of Mile-End by its dwellers. With a set of engraved stamps, participants will trace a map of their daily trips and mark the places they go about. The junction of itinerairies, the merging of transit and gathering places, places of sanctuary or resistance will contribute to create an insiders' portrait of the neighbourhood.


Les Amis du Champs des Possibles
Exploring the Mile End Biodiversity
Sunday September 25, 11.30 am (brunch), 1 - 4pm (activity)
Discover Mile-End’s biodiversity, a popular education activity aimed at preserving these few natural pockets in our urban environment. Equipped with neighbourhood maps, teams of participants will scour the neighbourhood investigating traces of biodiversity that surrounds.


Through the track!
Saturday October 1st, 5.30 - 6.30pm, at Café Falco (5605 rue de Gaspé)
This workshop is part of a festive event of mobilisation in favour of the legalization of the cyclist and pedestrian passages through the Mile-End track. Participants are invited to represent on a map their paths, the spots to pass through and the places where they have to change their way, their wandering around the tracks, all this from their personal experience.
Organised in collaboration with Les Amis du Champs des Possibles and the architect studio Rayside Labossière.


Bricolage Urbain
Cartographism 2

Sunday October 2nd, 1 - 4pm
Participants will be invited to produce their own maps based on their subjective experiences of the neighbourhood. The series of community-generated neighbourhood maps will be used to ignite discussions and inspire participants. Examples of maps include: areas undergoing gentrification, cultural, music and artistic spaces , lost histories, secrets, proposals for alternative uses of public spaces, amenities for families, urban gardens, best seats, micro-climates, public art and graffiti areas, spaces under transformation, sites of violence, contemplation areas, views for a good sunset, best make-out spot, etc.


How to preserve Mile-End's affordable creative work spaces
Monday October 24th, 7pm
Discussion on the question of Mile-End’s gentrification, Canada’s most creative neighbourhood. The presentation and discussion will highlight the current realities of the neighbourhood, trace the role of artists in urban renewal and propose different solutions to preserve the neighbourhood’s creative presence.


A series of workshops will also address specific groups throughout the project.


Bricolage urbain is a non-profit collective dedicated to bridging the gap between urban planning and the public through educational tools and programs (toolkits, pamphlets, guides, exhibitions, online resources, workshops).

Emmanuelle Jacques earned a degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQÀM in 2004. She exhibited her work in different venues in Quebec and did creation residencies in several artist-run centers in Canada. Working mostly in print media, she has been interested in the representation of territory for a long time. She regularly animates workshops for professional artists and for the public.

PI2 (Pied Carré, le Regroupement des créateurs du Secteur St-Viateur Est), aims to maintain, preserve and improve the creative work spaces in the Mile-End Est neighbourhood.


Coordination of the Project: articule

Graphic Design: Kittenrocket Design and Bricolage Urbain


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