English Language Arts Network (ELAN)

English Language Arts Network (ELAN)  

ELAN works in six key areas to:

Provide support, services and networking opportunities to English-speaking artists of all disciplines in all regions of Quebec. 

As an artists' Network, ELAN helps artists share resources, ideas and inspiration across all disciplines.  We provide various services to our members and to the community as a whole. ELAN connects artists through our regular Schmoozer events at restaurants and bars around Montreal. See the ELANews section of the website for the next date, and our photo gallery for images of previous gatherings. During the summer months ELAN connects with members in the Townships, Gatineau and other regions at Schmoozers around the province.  

Promote the work of artists so they receive greater recognition and visibility. 

We believe in the importance of celebrating our artists and their contribution to the culture of Quebec and Canada. Our current visibility project is Recognizing Artists: Enfin Visibles! which presents snapshots of 150 prominent and emerging artists.

Collaborate with sister organizations to coordinate and instigate support services, such as professional development and mentorship opportunities.

The Members' section of the website contains many of the services and projects we have initiated to support and develop emerging talent. ELAN works closely with the Quebec Writers' Federation, the Quebec Drama Federation and the Association of English Language Publishers to promote English-language artists and their work.

Build bridges between English-speaking and French-speaking communities. 

ELAN is actively involved with Culture Montréal, Diversité Artistique Montréal and the network of National Arts Services Organizations as well as discipline-specific association such as le Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels and, le Regroupement québécois de la dance.  ELAN also runs a Language Exchange program that brings together English-speaking and French-speaking cultural workers to improve their second language skills.

Advocate on behalf of English-speaking artists and their community in critical areas such as public broadcasting.

ELAN works behind the scenes to increase recognition and funding support for English-language artists. Please see our Advocacy section for information on our current work, and the document archives of the website for copies of previous briefs and presentations.

Promote arts and culture as a means to enrich education, develop the creative economy and serve as a motor for economic development.


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