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Below are some upcoming featured events hosted at articule. Click on links to see additional details about the event and to RSVP.

arrow_rightScreening: Cinema Politica - Documentary Futurism
10/17/2019 - 19:00 to 21:00

MONTREAL MONOCHROME VII: RECALIBRATIONS | CINEMA POLITICA: DOCUMENTARY FUTURISM SCREENING   Free and open to all Venue: articule   LIST OF FILMS: - a's'katikl awti'l by Bretten Hannam (in l’nui’simk and English) A pair of Mi’kmaw helpers travel the land, removing toxic remnants of the past. - Breath Anew by Andrew Chiu (in English) 150 years in the future, a Canadian refugee reflects on her escape and the new path she finds herself forced onto. - The Ceremony by Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden (in...  - Montreal Monochrome VII: Recalibrations | Discussion and Workshops
10 Oct 2019

arrow_rightDiscussion: The Myth of Charitable Culture & Education in Kanata
10/18/2019 - 17:30 to 19:00

MONTREAL MONOCHROME VII: RECALIBRATIONS | THE MYTH OF CHARITABLE CULTURE & EDUCATION IN KANATA   Free and open to all Discussion - in English  Venue: at articule    An awkward space in the Canadian education system exists where education is recognized to be foundational in making reparations amongst Eurocentric and Indigenous cultures, while education is remembered as being a source of incredible harm amongst Indigenous peoples in recent history. The impact of the residential school system is still misunderstood amongst Canadians— for example ex...  - Montreal Monochrome VII: Recalibrations | Discussion and Workshops
11 Oct 2019

arrow_rightWorkshop: Rap Battles for Social Justice // Creative Writing
10/19/2019 - 15:00 to 18:00

MONTREAL MONOCHROME VII: RECALIBRATIONS |  RAP BATTLES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE: CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP   Workshop -  free -bilingual instructors Max. 30 participants - registration: outreach@articule.org Open to all, no prevoius experience necessary  Venue: articule    The first part of the workshop will welcome a guest speaker. Following this, a creative writing workshop where we will learn together how to engage Hip Hop as a platform for social issues. Following our robust and accessible model, we will be introducing the Hip Hop basics...  - Montreal Monochrome VII: Recalibrations | Discussion and Workshops
13 Oct 2019

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