Past Exhibitions


Hannah Azar Strauss (Montréal), Sophia Borowska (Montréal), Dana Edmonds (Montréal), Fanny Huard (Montréal), Julie Laurin+Jonathan M Roy (Montréal), Yen-Chao Lin (Montréal), Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (Montréal), Katerina Pansera (Montréal), Jacqueline van de Geer (Montréal)
June 02, 2017 to June 11, 2017
While the year 2017 is the occasion for numerous celebrations across the country, such as the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal, articule wishes to engage a reflection on the act of commemoration, the history and sociopolitical context of Montreal / Tiotia:ke, as well as the subterranean and... {read more}



The Garden of Speculations

Kelly Jaclynn Andres (Montréal), Maude Bernier Chabot (Montréal), Véronique Chagnon-Côté (Montréal), Maude Deslauriers (Montréal)
April 22, 2017 to May 21, 2017
For its upcoming exhibition, articule opens its doors to a space of contemplation and illusion: The Garden of Speculations. This group exhibition brings together four Montreal artists whose work focuses on notions of nature, daydreaming and ambivalence. The Garden of Speculations takes you into a new... {read more}




Eduardo Velázquez (New York)
February 17, 2017 to March 19, 2017
In collaboration with the Massimadi Festival and African Rainbow In a series of photographs, video performances, paintings and prints, Eduardo Velázquez’s #postcolonialbooty deals with personal narratives by using his own postcolonial body as a departure point to construct a gender with an... {read more}



Future Memories

Ambivalently Yours (Montréal), Sophia Borowska (Montréal), Zinnia Naqvi (Toronto), Zeesy Powers (Toronto)
November 06, 2016 to December 04, 2016
Each in their own way, the four artists presented as part of the exhibition Future Memories reflect on technology as a narrative space that is also a sharing space. By using different media, from video to textile, the artists challenge what separates the private from the public, and where the actual limit... {read more}



Terra dos chinês curio shop

Karen Tam (Montréal)
September 02, 2016 to October 02, 2016
Karen Tam’s installation deconstructs and reconstructs different ‘ethnic spaces’ to see which elements signify meaning for the public and thus play a role in influencing Western perception of the Chinese, or the Other. In Terra dos chinês curio shop, Tam recreates spaces such as the... {read more}



The Nightshade Club

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik (Montréal)
July 05, 2016 to August 02, 2016
Try our French toast with raspberry-eggplant confit, our truffles, red potato and sundried tomato mashup, and our roasted red-pepper eggs benedict with avocado and arugula salad with goji berry vinaigrette. We offer a large variety of omelettes with some interesting gastronomic pairings. Be bold and try... {read more}



Reality Check

Mathieu Cardin (Montréal)
May 14, 2016 to June 12, 2016
In both his work and artistic practice, Mathieu Cardin perpetually sits on the fence between reality and fiction, real and make-believe. He transforms gallery spaces into places of consumption, guiding the viewer to meander in a fictitious place, forcing them to question the boundaries between what they... {read more}



Défi 35

Barry Allikas (Montréal), Jo-Anne Balcaen (Montréal), Tony de Melo (Montréal), Graham Hall (Montréal), Nelson Henricks (Montréal), Edwin Janzen (Montréal), Sylvie Laplante (Montréal), Julie Laurin (Montréal) , Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (Montréal), Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik (Montréal), Katerina Pansera (Montréal), Stephen Schofield (Montréal), Morgan Sea (Montréal), Victoria Stanton (Montréal), Shanna Strauss (Montréal), Jacqueline van de Geer (Montréal)
March 18, 2016 to March 27, 2016
The Mile End art lover immediately recognizes articule, the gallery on Fairmount just east of Parc with the distinctive lime-green storefront. Less obvious, however, is that the artist-run centre that calls this place home has been in operation and hosting shows for more than 35 years. To mark this... {read more}



Repérages ou À la découverte de notre monde ou Sans titre (Tracking or Toward the Discovery of Our World or Untitled)

Natacha Clitandre (Montréal), Maria Ezcurra (Montréal), Romeo Gongora (Montréal), Olivia McGilchrist (Montréal)
January 29, 2016 to February 28, 2016
Repérages or À la découverte de notre monde or Sans titre is a multi-titled exhibition presented as part of Dominique Fontaine's curatorial research residency titled Scènes de la vie quotidienne à Montréal (on belonging and the politics of belonging). The... {read more}



Silent Citizen

Bambitchell (Toronto)
October 17, 2015 to November 15, 2015
"Canada needs to select immigrants who are ready, willing and able to fully integrate into Canada’s labour market and fill gaps in our economy, particularly where we have existing skill shortages. Applicants … are assessed on factors such as their education, their work experience, age,... {read more}



Unceded Voices: Anticolonial Street Artists Convergence

Decolonizing Street Art
July 01, 2015 to July 31, 2015
Unceded Voices: Anticolonial Street Artists Convergence is the title of the second edition of the collective project Decolonizing Street Art, which will take place in the streets of Montreal from August 14 to 23, 2015. This project aims to bring together Indigenous street artists and people of color street... {read more}



Habiter l'école et ses habitants

Julie Laurin (Montreal)
June 11, 2015 to June 14, 2015
articule has the great pleasure of collaborating with artist Julie Laurin as part of her project Habiter l’école et ses habitants, which includes an artist residency within the school system. Her residency is taking place at École Jean-Baptiste Meilleur, in the Centre-Sud neighborhood... {read more}


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