Lisa Reihana (New Zealand)
October 18, 2014 to November 16, 2014
As part of the eleventh edition of The HTMlles, Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture, ZÉR0 FUTUR{E}, articule is proud to present the first exhibition in Quebec of work by Lisa Reihana, a Maori artist at the forefront of multi-media practice in New Zealand. Reihana has received... {read more}



Public Consultation on articule's Future

Mathieu Jacques (Montréal)
September 01, 2014 to June 26, 2015
Over the course of the coming year, artist Mathieu Jacques will take on the role of consultant at articule and conduct research into what it means to be an independently managed artist-run centre. Jacques will interview the artist-run centre community and ask interviewees for proposals, realistic or... {read more}




Laila Ait Bouchtba (Montréal), Soleil Launière (Montréal)
July 03, 2014 to August 10, 2014
Qouleur, Montreal's only 2QTPOC Festival, is back again for its third year! Along with another schedule filled with amazing programming showcasing the voices of 2-Spirited, Queer, and Trans* People of Colour, this year's Qouleur is home to an intense, month-long artist's residency. Two fabulous... {read more}



Tandem Créatif - 3rd edition

Gianni Mastantuono, Frédéric Péloquin, Mathieu Jacques, Guillaume Lapierre, Soufia Bensaïd, Edon Descollines, Marie France Giguère, Justine Skahan, Gilles Grégoire, Poli Wilhelm
June 07, 2014 to June 15, 2014
Guided tour available upon request.Free entrance.Exeko and articule present Tandem Créatif, the closing exhibition of an 9 months long collaboration bringing together 10 emerging and professional artists, 9 months of exchange, co-creation for about twenty works in visual arts going from sculpture to... {read more}



Between Reality and Transcendence

Chun Hua Catherine Dong (Montréal)
April 25, 2014 to June 01, 2014
Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s work discusses ways to deal with “deterritorialization” and “disessentialization” in our world where cultures are taken for granted and gestures transform social and political landscapes. The artist examines the multifaceted struggles of a woman... {read more}



Self Control Room

Sébastien Cliche (Montréal)
March 07, 2014 to April 13, 2014
Self Control Room pushes the boundaries of narrative as space-time is at once fragmented and collapsed onto itself. In this installation comprising architectural elements, furniture, and a video surveillance system, a roaming figure rushes by, appearing and disappearing before our eyes. The viewer, who... {read more}



In the Night Room

Sarah Pupo (Montréal)
January 17, 2014 to February 23, 2014
Sarah Pupo’s work occupies a slippery in-between place both materially and thematically. Materially, it sits between painting and drawing, melding installation and animation. Thematically, it is a dream/night space populated by flowing teeth/tears, growths, moving shapes that creep and charcoal veils... {read more}



Show Off

December 14, 2013 to January 07, 2014
articule’s annual Members’ Show will be on view from December 14th until January 7th in the centre’s vitrine. Show-Off brings together posters and promotional material from past exhibitions of articule’s members. Taking inspiration from the idea of self-directed management, the show... {read more}




Marigold Santos (Montréal)
October 18, 2013 to November 24, 2013
In her work, Marigold Santos explores the ways In which ideas of self can become multiple, fragmented, and dislocated, and then reinvented and recreated through a reflection of what is considered home. Reoccurring within her visual vocabulary is the adoption of the Asuang, a feared and vile mythological... {read more}


Quand faire, c'est dire

Quand faire, c'est dire

Brad Butler et Karen Mirza (Angleterre), Steven Cohen (Afrique du sud), Chelsea Knight (États-Unis), Commissaire: Julie Tremble (Montréal)
August 30, 2013 to October 06, 2013
Reflecting on notions of body, discourse and power, Quand faire, c’est dire brings together video works that develop each in its own way a gestural language in order to examine, question and denounce the domination of one body by another.“Hold Your Ground” (2012) by Karen Mirza... {read more}


Champs de lys

Champs de lys

Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf (Montréal)
June 30, 2013 to August 25, 2013
For articule’s storefront window, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf will showcase a collection of fleur de lys flags as well as objects bearing its effigy that we commonly find in dollar stores and pharmacies around the time of Québec’s national holiday.These poorly made objects flaunt the symbols of... {read more}


For my Dad

For my Dad

Sherry Walchuk (Montréal)
May 03, 2013 to June 09, 2013
After years of going to K-Mart every day after he finished working, it seemed appropriate for the old man to die there. It was in the jewelry section in the centre of the store, where his heart stopped beating for good. Ever since his dad died at 60 of a heart attack at K-Mart, he thought that he would/... {read more}


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