Workshop: Rap Battles for Social Justice / Creative writing & Hip Hop

Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm



Workshop -  free -bilingual instructors

Max. 30 participants - registration:

Open to all, no prevoius experience necessary 

Venue: articule 


The first part of the workshop will welcome guest speaker Marlene Hale from Native Montreal. Following this, a creative writing workshop where we will learn together how to engage Hip Hop as a platform for social issues. Following our robust and accessible model, we will be introducing the Hip Hop basics for rhyme-making, creating our own new material, and participating in a group cypher at the end of it all! P.S. This is a workshop for all skill levels!

Tell your friends and family alike, Hip Hop is for the people.

Last but not least, we’d like to acknowledge that the work we do is on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories, a historical meeting place for many nations. As we all come to celebrate, dance, create and stand together across difference, we send gratitude, love, and prayers to the land and to our First Nation and Indigenous relatives, who have sustained the path of healing and joy through storytelling and song.

Land acknowledgement by Dona La Luna.

The Rap Battles for Social Justice has organized many events starting in the spring of 2015. With live hip hop music, veterans, aspiring rappers as well as first-time performers display their original lyrics aiming at systemic oppression wherever it may lurk. With our mission for popular education to a beat - we aim to forge community ties through consciousness-raising in the form of art and entertainment. 


Montreal Monochrome is an annual conference organized by the Fabulous Committee (anti-oppression) at articule. It aims to address the mis- and under-representation and systemic oppression of marginalized groups in Montréal’s contemporary art milieu. The event works toward imagining and nurturing new and existing bonds, solidarities and friendships between Indigenous artists, thinkers and cultural workers and their racialized allies. 

This 7th edition seeks to explore the emotional, physical, mental and socio-political ramifications of what it means to shift focus and/or (re)gain control. How might we understand shifting focus, on which scale, and in which ways? Through which mediums and interventions? What is it to (re)gain control of one’s narrative, body and/or psychic space? Which new realities can be created or remade? See the full programming here.

Kamissa Ma Koïta

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