WORKSHOP: Masc4Masc: Complicating "Toxic Masculinity"

  • (be)longing: a QTBIPOC arts festival
     (be)longing: a QTBIPOC arts festival
Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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WORKSHOP: Masc4Masc: Complicating “Toxic Masculinity” through race & gender nonconformity // Masc4Masc: Compliquer la « masculinité toxique » à travers les enjeux raciaux et la non-conformité dans le genre
** THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED: only self-identifying BIPOC trans and gender non-conforming people may attend **


What is “male/masculine privilege” and who has it? In this workshop, we want to discuss the ways that racialized gender nonconformity complicates our understanding of gendered power imbalances existing between men and women or cis people and trans people. We want to address the ways colonialism and racism complicates the ways we experience and perpetuate gendered violence. Through untangling these experiences as much as we can, we also invite our Indigenous, Black and racialized trans and gender non-conforming peers to celebrate the ways we, as butch / stud / masculine people, do not stand against or in opposition to femininity or womanhood but in solidarity, honour, support or in our own embodiment of femininity or womanhood. 

Content warning: this workshop will possibly mention, address or go in depth into gendered and racialized violence and trauma. We will have volunteers present to offer peer-support and active listening.


root ~ Black // he-him // Facilitator & dreamer
Naja ~ she/her - Facilitator - t4t Advocate

** THIS WORKSHOP IS CLOSED: only self-identifying BIPOC trans and gender non-conforming people may attend **

We also want to acknowledge that gender nonconformity intersects with experiences of racism + colonial violence. So we invite any indigenous person, black person, person of colour who feels called to or has curious introspection towards gender nonconformity to attend, no matter what that looks like or feels like to them. 


- There will be walking companions on request to help anyone walk to and from the space safely for this event. Please email to request the help of a walking companion.
- articule's gallery is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp at the entrance of the building. The bathroom is partially accessible to persons using a wheelchair; please also note that there is only one support bar.
- If you need childcare, please let us know *48 hours* in advance by emailing:
- There will be volunteers to do whisper translation in the space.
- There will be volunteers available to do active listening at the event.
- There will be fidget toys available at the event. We ask folks to please put them back in the box where they took it when they will no longer use it.
- There will be food and refreshments provided
- Cost: This event is free for everyone. Should you want to make a donation, we will have a donation jar at the entrance and you can also support the program by donating here (please select Our Bodies, Our Stories).


(be)longing is happening on the traditional territories on the kanien'kehá:ka. As a QTBIPOC community, it is important for us to honor the traditional keepers of these lands and we encourage everyone to educate themselves about the history of this place, and to actively work in solidarity with Indigenous peoples of these lands towards decolonial and anticolonial liberation. 

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