Screening: Cinema Politica - Documentary Futurism

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Free and open to all

Venue: articule



- Reclamation by Thirza Jean Cuthand

(in English)

After white people have left Earth for Mars, Indigenous people talk about their work reclaiming the lands and restoring the health of the planet and their communities.


- Breath Anew by Andrew Chiu

(in English)

150 years in the future, a Canadian refugee reflects on her escape and the new path she finds herself forced onto.

- The Ceremony by Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden

(in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) with French subtitles)

150 years from now, two warrior siblings document their community, who survived climate change, and become the focus of an event that will change them forever.

- Des Solitudes by Marwen Tlili

(in French with English subtitles)

A reflection on the representation of the "Other," and how the artistic endeavours of some create a nightmare for others who are in the minority.

- Camfranglais by Mylène Augustin & Feven Ghebremariam

(in Pidgin, Atikamekw, English and French, with French subtitles)

Invited to Tiohtià: ke, as a member of her country’s tribal council, Sam, an 18-year-old Cameroonian girl, traces the steps of her great-grandmother who lived in this northern land over a hundred years ago.


Cinema Politica’s The Next 150: Documentary Futurism project seeks to usher in a new kind of filmmaking that brings actuality into conversation with speculation, realism with fantasy. Taking inspiration from Afro-futurism, Indigenous futurism, speculative fiction and non-fiction, Cinema Politica has commissioned 15 short films to inaugurate this new genre. Works created under the rubric of documentary futurism will deploy filmmaking approaches and contexts associated with documentary in order to imagine, speculate and represent a “Canada” of the future. 


Montreal Monochrome is an annual conference organized by the Fabulous Committee (anti-oppression) at articule. It aims to address the mis- and under-representation and systemic oppression of marginalized groups in Montréal’s contemporary art milieu. The event works toward imagining and nurturing new and existing bonds, solidarities and friendships between Indigenous artists, thinkers and cultural workers and their racialized allies. 

This 7th edition seeks to explore the emotional, physical, mental and socio-political ramifications of what it means to shift focus and/or (re)gain control. How might we understand shifting focus, on which scale, and in which ways? Through which mediums and interventions? What is it to (re)gain control of one’s narrative, body and/or psychic space? Which new realities can be created or remade? See the full programming here.

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