Opening: SITUER / SITUATE | Members' Show

Friday, March 1, 2019 - 7:00pm

It is with great pleasure that articule invites you to the opening reception of our 2019 members' show, Friday March 1st, 7 pm.

Free and open to all. 

Place is both a definable physical area and an action we take. How can it be a beginning for our conversations and our practices?

For this exhibition, participants were invited to imagine articule as a meeting place which is both implicated in territorial loss and which provides a space for dreaming and refusal. The works here express the destabilizing experience of movement and loss, and respond by searching for new futures. Being aware of one’s place in space and the boundaries which define it can provoke more active invention or dissolution of those limits. Transgression of a boundary or loss of stability is often propelled by external forces, but can become an opportunity to reconsider or assert personal identity. In this show, the artists make us more conscious of our spaces as constructed and controlled; in discovering all of our spaces to be ones of constant negotiation, the works envision alternative possibilities for place and belonging.

Like a stage set where walls can be moved, shared agreements can be broken, and meanings are embedded in both the objects of the scene and the interactions that unfold within, these works suggest that the spaces we live are both more powerfully controlled and more open to intervention than we might presume. Being made aware of these negotiations, how might our sense of what is possible shift? How might we imagine present interventions for the sake of future spaces?

The 2019 members' show committee includes: Ariane Fairlie, Zahraa Hayat, Lisa Mayes, Garfield Morgan, Renata Paciullo Ribeiro, Stéphane Piazzo, Hannah Strauss, Jennifer Wiley-Vallerand

Audrey Bilodeau Fontaine, 2018
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