Monitor 12: Figures Pointing Outside the Frame

Friday, November 24, 2017 - 7:00pm

articule is pleased to present SAVAC’s Monitor 12: Figures Pointing Outside the Frame, a video program co-curated by Toronto-based curator/artist Oliver Husain as well as Jakarta-based programmers at ARKIPEL International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Otty Widasari and Yuki Aditya. Following Monitor 11’s program These Monsters are Real, this marks the second year that SAVAC invites a local curator to collaborate with international curator(s).
Figures Pointing Outside the Frame presents works that consider the peripheries of the image and the content within as equally significant. Whether film, video, or a still image, the technology dictates the parameters of the frame. Decisions an image-maker makes regarding the composition, duration, performance, and location further contribute to a viewer’s experience. Collaboration is formed between the technology, image-maker, and subjects- though this collaboration is often expanded with elements, situations, and conditions beyond that which is scripted. In this way, the program advocates for the viewer to consider the environmental, labour, historical, economical, gendered, and social conditions that influence the constructed experience.

The screening will be followed by a discussion between Indu Vashist, SAVAC Executive Director, and Nazik Dakkach, articule Board member.

articule's gallery and washroom are partially wheelchair accessible.



Participating artist(s): 
Sanaz Sohrabi
Mohammad Fauzi
Harkeerat Mangat
Nguyen Trinh-Thi
Sumugan Sivanesan
Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Sanaz Sohrabi, Auxiliary Mirrors (still), 2016

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