MMV: Emergency Landing - Day 1

Thursday, April 6, 2017


5pm - Intervention I: Orientation, Fabulous Committee

Join the participants and organizers for the official launch of the 5th edition of Montreal Monochrome as well as an orientation on Emergency Landing.

articule's Fabulous Committee develops anti-oppression strategies to make the centre more inclusive and culturally diverse, this includes the artists we present through our programming as well as our internal structure (members, board, staff).


5:45-6pm - Intermission I


6pm - Intervention II: Nigga Peace, Kalale Dalton-Lutale and Cason Sharpe (TwoHungryChildren)

Reinterpreting John and Yoko’s staged ‘Bed-In’ for peace at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Cason Sharpe and Kalale Dalton-Lutale will insert themselves into a domestic space installation. By exposing the ways that black bodies are both hyper visible and erased, they challenge the dichotomy between a public act and a private ritual. This public recording of the podcast TwoHungryChildren will be followed by a discussion.

Kalale Dalton-Lutale and Cason Sharpe are writers and performers from Toronto currently based in Montreal. Through her work, Kalale explores various modalities of performance as well as narratives that involve intersectional ideas of queer, feminist and racialized experiences. Cason’s work explores themes of race, class and identity construction through humour and camp. In the past, Kalale has had the pleasure of working with Black Theatre Workshop, Playwrights Workshop Montreal and Geordie Productions. Cason’s fiction has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue and LESTE Magazine. Together they make up the podcast TwoHungryChildren 


7-7:30pm - Intermission II


7:30pm - Intervention III: Table Setting #2: Cedar-Eve Peters

Organized by articule’s Fabulous Committee, Table Setting is a dinner conversation series seeking to create more spaces at the centre for Indigenous and people of colour artists, educators, activists, and community members to speak with each other. The second iteration features Ojibwe artist Cedar-Eve Peters and invites participants to discover her artistic practice, including the portrait series Cedrus Annum. We will discuss the limitations of cultural representations as well as strategies for reclaiming one’s identity. Bring your own plate and utensils (BYOP). Donations appreciated.

Cedar-Eve Peters is an Anishinabae (Ojibway Nation) artist and artisan originally from Toronto. She received her BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University in 2012 where she focused on drawing and painting. She has painted murals in Peru and Canada, and is known for her brightly coloured beaded jewelry. She can also be found helping individuals with their own beading projects at the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at Concordia. She is interested in exploring Indigenous identity in the 21st century. Her artwork is contemporary but rooted in ancestral knowledge. Cedar-Eve Peters currently lives in Montreal. 


Participating artist(s): 
Cedar-Eve Peters
Kalale Dalton-Lutale & Cason Sharpe
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