Saturday, April 23, 2016

Program #MMIV - Day 3


11:00 AM    Celebrating our Poetics—A Study
                    Ronald Rose-Antoinette

01:30 PM    Discursive Formations: Exploring Power, Knowledge & Representation
                    Fatimah Tuggar

04:00 PM    Work with Beads
                    Indigenous Art Research Group

06:30 PM    The Tea Party
                    Madelyne Beckles & Kaeten Bonli

08:00 PM    Theoretically in the Gutter Book Launch + MMIV Closing & Pop Up Shop    
                    Alice Shen, Eric Collins, Itza, Jeff Hunt, Marianne Coquilleau, Linx Selby, viola chen 陈宜晴, Xindi Li, Kaelan Doyle Myerscough... and more!


Celebrating our Poetics—A Study
Ronald Rose-Antoinette

What would it mean to celebrate our black poetics? What would it mean to live a life whose death is always-already premature? What would it mean to think in the middle of that inequivalence between life and death? What would it mean to think at the limit of expression, poetically speaking and unspeaking? What would it mean to encounter new ways of living and break away from our own habits and images? This workshop seeks to lure out stories of black resistance, creative existentialism and radicalism. Come with (your) stories and let us tell everyone how we will have lived.

Ronald Rose-Antoinette is completing his PhD in Philosophy at Concordia University. He is also a participant of the SenseLab (laboratory in research-creation) based in Montreal, where he lives.


Discursive Formations: Exploring Power, Knowledge & Representation
Fatimah Tuggar

Global educational systems and larger global culture defer to, or favor Western hegemonic interpretations. In this workshop, through individual and collaborative exercises in drawing and or use of written words, we will explore and experiment with the possibility of shifting our perspectives. This workshop aims to help us remember and relearn that culture and inclusive learning should be concerned with discursive approaches; the effects and consequences of representation.

Fatimah Tuggar is a multidisciplinary artist who uses technology as both medium and subject in her work, serving as metaphors for power dynamics. She combines objects, images, and sounds from diverse cultures, geographies, and histories to comment on how media and technology diversely impacts local and global realities. She is currently Assistant Professor of Contemporary Issues of Representation at OCAD University in Toronto.


Work with Beads
Indigenous Art Research Group

Work with Beads is a workshop on contemporary beading, followed by an open discussion led by members of the Indigenous Art Research Group at Concordia University about the Truth and Reconciliation Report published in July 2015.

Founded in 2012, the Indigenous Art Research Group promotes the study of and engagement with Canadian Indigenous artistic practice. Our goal is to create comfortable space for discussion on current issues and triumphs of Indigenous artists and scholars. This year, our annual programming is focused on the theme of “Truth and Reconciliation”, inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Committee (TRC)’s report published in July 2015. This report confronts the true colonial history of Canada, and provides methods of reconciliation and healing. Throughout the year we will be participating in and hosting several events around the Montreal area, including the launch of our recently retitled journal, Relations, to be published this coming Spring.


The Tea Party
Madelyne Beckles & Kaeten Bonli

A theatrical commentary on the institutionalized rhetorics that occur between popular culture and academic political conversation, The Tea Party is a behind-the-screens performance exploring how a group of Millennials engages in critical dialogue in the comfort of a casual gathering.

Madelyne Beckles is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto currently based in Montreal. Her work centres on the performativity of narcissism, self-deprecation, consumption, and shame, which she attempts to re-frame and/or deconstruct through the use of her body, face, and ready-made installations. Black Feminist Theory and pop culture are also referenced in her work. Beckles has most recently performed at Art Basel Miami in collaboration with artist Petra Collins. Her work has been shown in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

Kaeten Bonli is a Saskatchewan-born multidisciplinary visual artist. His work serves as a material exploration of minimalism and portraiture, as informed by the visual language of virtual media. Often confronting the intersections between pop culture and social politics, his abstract paintings and installations trace the experiences of living and understanding love in Canada’s queer spaces.


MMIV Closing + Pop Up Shop

To close off STUDY HALL, articule's Fabulous Committee invites you to the book launch of Theoretically in the Gutter, as well as a Pop Up Shop with STUDY HALL artists! Come celebrate the culmination of three days of collective (un)learning, and continue to discover the work of the participants over some refreshments and music.


Theoretically in the Gutter (Book launch)
Alice Shen, Eric Collins, Itza, Jeff Hunt, Marianne Coquilleau, Linx Selby, viola chen 陈宜晴, Xindi Li, Kaelan Doyle Myerscough

Theoretically in the Gutter: a collection of manga essays is a sample of work from students of “The Manga Essay” seminar from fall 2015 at McGill University. Throughout the semester, students worked through adapting one selected academic essay into a comic. The exercise aimed to find ways in which academic theory can be taken to the community and made relevant as a toolkit for interrogating knowledge production and how our stories are formed.

Image: LOKI Design, 2016
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