Le Mile End s'articule: Recess!

Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 4:00pm

Le Mile End s’articule: OLÉ!

Le Mile End s’articule is a summer outdoor community arts festival, revolving this year around the theme of games, play, and sport! With the support of the Arrondissement du Plateau- Mont-Royal, this summer’s edition provides a schedule of activities over six weeks, and includes festivities in articule’s alley, in the courtyard of the Collège Français on Fairmount Avenue, and in local parks of Mile End. Playing with the concurrent exhibition at articule, WORLD CUP!, curated by Amber Berson, the festival presents creative and critical responses to the world of games and sport at the intersections of art and performance. Kicking around are concepts such as: competition, anthems, nationalism, play, the material culture of sports (including uniforms, costumes, and equipment), interactivity, the gender pay gap, team and fan dynamics, training, athleticism, collective consciousness, critical sports studies, and more! Le Mile End s’articule is committed to creative reuse and the reduction of waste in artistic practices, and aims to promote environmentally-friendly approaches through community involvement in our shared streets and parks.

Le Mile End s'articule is generously supported by Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.


Saturday June 2: Recess!

Collège Français courtyard - 185 rue Fairmount West

4:00pm  performance (40 min)

               Beep Test by Michael Martini and Callan Ponsford 

Beep Test investigates how the gay male body navigates competition, both in sport and in art. The artists draw from a repertoire of movements and exercises sourced from their adolescent experiences with athletics, sport, dance, and theatre in order to develop a frantic performance in the frame of the traditional “beep test”​. 


5:30pm performance (25 min)

              BALLS by Kaitlyn Ramsden

BALLS is a choreographic research on the representations of women in sports and competition. Saturated with the rituals and repetition that emerge through games, the work uses the dance that is already present in sports to blur the perceptions of the female body in dialogue with teamwork, competition, strength, weakness, and support. 


6:30pm musical sportscast (60 min)

              Performance Lyrique by Tania Mujica-Mota accompanied by Marcela Angarita

Through an assembly of voice, text, and sound, thi piece evokes a group of spectators watching and reacting to a televised sports match.



Michael Martini is a theatre artist living six years in Montreal, whose most recent project will be presented at OFFTA 2018. Callan Ponsford is a drawer and painter living six years in Montreal whose most recent exhibition took place at Never Apart in conjunction with Claire Milbrath. We are two artists of two different artistic backgrounds: drawing and performance. In our collaboration, we participate in each other’s research methods in pursuit of an artistic meeting ground. These methods include improvised drawing and performance in found spaces.

Kaitlyn Ramsden is a Montreal based dancer, choreographer, and videomaker. Kaitlyn co-founded Project Contrabête, a collective that explores the boundaries between movement, bodies, presence, and video. She has choreographed eight works and is currently researching the intersections of sports, play, and dance in her group work BALLS and solo Replay.

Tania Mujica-Mota comes from an independent filmmaking background (cinema and audiovisual), but it is through painting, writing and photography that she has found the possibility to develop her work in the last three years, without having to give up on filmmaking. Now, she has a tendency to see her work as scores intended to compose more complex pieces.

Loïc Untereiner, 2018

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