Launch of HB #3

Friday, April 4, 2014 - 5:00pm

It is with great pleasure that we present HB no.3. For this issue HB collaborated with Argentinian curator Pamela Desjardins to propose a dialogue between artists from Québec and South America. In the context of this collaboration, we were particularly interested in drawings which examine the body as territory. HB no.3 is thus a rich collection of political and intimist works that present interpretations of the body as landscapes, spaces for public gathering or homelands. The articulation of the notion of body and territory produces strong, deeply invested pieces, ranging from narrative figuration to conceptual work. The techniques and media used by the artists are diverse: from linseed oil, blood, extracts, ink, felt marker, pencil and graphite on paper, to watercolours and etchings.

HB no.3 presents a selection of works by Afshin Matlabi, Lucas Di Pascuale, Jean-Michel Leclerc, Paola Gaviria, Raimond Chaves et Gilda Mantilla, Caroline Boileau, Maria Luque, Claudia Del Rio, Julie Ouellet et Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo.

HB is a magazine, a gallery on paper, a platform—a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary drawing. We showcase the work of a wide range of artists, from the hard-to-miss who have made their mark on the artistic landscape and continue to shape it, to marginalised artists, young artists whose practices move and promise, artists who draw in hiding, artists who, by sheer misfortune, have as yet enjoyed little exposure. structured so that each page threads together a set of visual sequences, HB is a space for exchange that gives precedence to imagery over text.

HB is an initiative by Arprim, articule, AXENEO7, Centre CLARK, Joyce Yahouda Gallery and Galerie SAW Gallery whose mandate is to disseminate, promote and support contemporary practices in the visual arts.

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