Discussion: La Friche, Mile-End

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 6:00pm

articule has the pleasure of inviting you to an artist talk with participative sewing activities on August 22, 6pm, as part of Angela Marsh's artist research residency. All ages welcome.


La Friche, Mile-End is an evolution of Marsh’s ongoing artistic investigation into our urban wild spaces, which entails the creation of a new “tapestry”, an artistic weed-seed bank, for which small wild plant and small human artefact fragments are collected from local urban abandoned lots and hand-sewn individually into the compartments of recuperated bubble wrap. Visitors to articule will be invited to participate in the creation of the piece. The project also involves the creation of an artisanal plant guide, consisting of drawings, photographs and inventories. It investigates the co-habitation of culture and nature in our post-industrial/commercialized abandoned lot landscapes, which can be seen as our contemporary urban-wild commons, suggesting possible reconciliations and other ways of creating place and connection.

Participating artist(s): 
Angela Marsh (QC)
Angela Marsh

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