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arrow_rightLaunch of HB #3
Friday, April 4, 2014 - 17:00

NEW ISSUE ! NEW DESIGN ! NEW COLLABORATION !It is with great pleasure that we present HB no.3. For this issue HB collaborated with Argentinian curator Pamela Desjardins to propose a dialogue between artists from Québec...
30 Apr 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightHB#4 Booklaunch - Erotica
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 17:00

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to celebrate with us the launch of HB, a magazine dedicated to contemporary drawing, and featuring works by Patrick Bernatchez, Catherine Bolduc, Shauna Born, Shary Boyle...
07 Jun 2015   |   [comment_count]  


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arrow_rightMILE END MAPPING – A map with back alleys
October 21, 2011

On a warm Saturday afternoon in September, we sit in articule’s storefront window surrounded in coloured stamps and ink pads, and trace our paths across the neighbourhood on large and small maps with no names...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightFaussaire: Forger
November 18, 2011

Forged works in the art world are never completely true to their claims of false copies. To make a false or forged work of art, a process is under taken where the imagination of the original artist is carefully...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightMona Sharma : The Loss and Reclamation of Faith
December 09, 2011

Faith does not question, it believes;  it does not stray, it is a constant companion. It is a reliable bulwark, against which we may judge our actions and those of others.  Despite this unwavering attitude...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightA select few
March 09, 2012

At first glance, Carl Trahan would probably not think of this page as a text about his work, but rather as a flat surface covered in seemingly ordered black marks. Letters cast in a font with a history of its own....
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightIn the Spirit of Working Together
May 04, 2012

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, to make more time, to bring us closer together. Yet, it often does the opposite – we become frustrated when it doesn’t work as desired, or when it breaks...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightThe Artifact Institute. Service 1

As plastic begins to outperform sand on certain Pacific beaches, perhaps now is the time to reflect on the imposing ubiquity of manufactured objects. Until the Industrial Revolution, most people could possess only a...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightNot one but the other: Galland and Lalumière’s Retourne-moi / Invert me out
July 02, 2010

articule, because of its lack of visible signage, is seen as a discreet neighbour. Past visitors to the space have commented on the difficulty in finding the gallery and community members are often surprised to learn...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



September 17, 2010

At the point where the wall begins, there is a single grey line. As our eyes follow this line, we see that it feeds into a series of nails — hundreds of nails, carefully placed. The thread winds between the...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightBlue Skies
November 05, 2010

Is there anything as momentary and ineffable — yet as universally sought after — as happiness? Suffering and its causes are identifiable, earthly, tangible, and we all know them well enough: painful...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightYou, Me and You
April 02, 2010

I put the word ‘love’ into google today and I get  1 420 000 000 results. This is my confirmation that the subject of Milutin Gubash and Annie Gauthier’s collaborative work is not something...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightRooms Are Never Finished
September 11, 2009

In here it’s deliberately dark so one may sigh
in peace.  Please come in.  How long has it been?
Upstairs- climb slowly- the touch is more certain.
You’ve been, they say,...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightAutomatic Reproduction of Constantine Delilabros’ Music Scores
November 13, 2009

Once upon a time, when Panayiotis Delilabros was but a boy, his father would invite him into the smoke-filled kitchen of their simple house, which doubled as Constantine Delilabros’ office. The chain-smoking...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightAutomatic Reproduction of Constantine Delilabros’ Music Scores
November 13, 2009

Once upon a time, when Panayiotis Delilabros was but a boy, his father would invite him into the smoke-filled kitchen of their simple house, which doubled as Constantine Delilabros’ office. The chain-smoking...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightApproaching Stillness
October 18, 2009

Born from a mutual interest in each other’s work, Tedi Tafel and Vida Simon’s three part collaboration explores both the relation of an artist’s performance to its audience and the effect of cosmic...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightQuand faire, c’est dire
August 30, 2013

The exhibition title Quand faire, c’est dire inverts the title of a well-known work by John Langshaw Austin[1] in which he posits theories regarding “speech acts...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightMagical Rings

The boxer sports a lurid, bedraggled regalia of gloves and athletic pads, but stares away into space with blank eyes. The boxer’s opponent, too, is in rough shape, with eyes—indeed, with entire body...
22 Jan 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightStreams, Torrents, and Waves
December 07, 2013

Streams, Torrents, and Waves brings together eleven video art works that speak to bodies in flow. Drawing on Arjun Appadurai’s notion of global flows, these videos examine bodies negotiating...
07 Jan 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightWho Let The Dark In?
January 17, 2014

Sarah Pupo is an animator in multiple senses of the word. Her works all radiate a life of their own, coming alive in front of the viewer. For In the Night Room, a series of video animations and watercolors...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightSelf Control Room
March 07, 2014

We subject ourselves to different forms of self-surveillance everyday. We, the subject, are fundamentally altered by the content, information and imagery that is stored within, so that we become increasingly...
11 Apr 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightHusbands and Wives
April 25, 2014

There are only two things I care about in life mostly—those two things are art and love … art is something that no matter what you do, it will always be with you, but love, love is the hardest...
18 Apr 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightLearning to say yes
January 16, 2015

Critiquing capitalism is tricky business. As “the system” pushes itself into every space and “marketizes” every phenomenon, even benign social interventions like public libraries and bike... Desearch Repartment
13 Aug 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightOur Own Style of Play
March 10, 2015

The rules of the game are simple. There is a pile of wooden sticks in the centre of the table. Players take it in turns to gingerly remove one stick at a time. As long as the pile remains static, the player can... Cuts make the country better | Sarah Knight
13 Aug 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightThe Silence of Sovereignty
April 21, 2015

Silence, the absence of noise or of any sound at all, can have a negative or at least passive connotation; indeed, the absence of speech can be associated with censorship. That said, silence is also integral to... dylan miner | noemie despland-lichtert | silence of sovereignty
13 Aug 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightRegions of Desire
August 13, 2015

The discovery, in an archive in Chile, of a photographer’s work that dates from the 1970s sets the original enigma that fascinates Anelys Wolf and inspires a series of paintings entitled Rural Glamour from... Anelys Wolf
27 Aug 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightTaking Action to Commit to Memory: (Another) Day of the Dead
September 24, 2015

Maria Ezcurra’s collective-action installation Pinned Down (or how to keep hiding thousands of needles in a haystack) commemorates the lives of 43 student activists from the Ayotzinapa Teacher's... Maria Ezcurra | Special Project
24 Sep 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_right"In Canada, if you work hard and play by the rules, you'll succeed": Silent Citizen by Bambitchell
October 16, 2015

Bambitchell is the moniker for the collaborative practice of Toronto-based duo Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell. Together, they are a powerhouse of wit, melancholy and critique, creating prints, video and... Aditi Ohri | Bambitchell | Silent Citizen
06 Nov 2015   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightOur world is of this kingdom
January 29, 2016

Repérages or À la découverte de notre monde or Sans titre is a multi-titled exhibition presented as part of the curatorial research residency Sc... curatorial residency
22 Jun 2016   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightUncertain Ground
May 13, 2016

It is difficult to say whether Mathieu Cardin is more an artist of deception, or an agent of truth. Certainly, the two personas mingle in his architecturally ambitious installations. Characteristic of Cardin’s... Constat de Realite | Katerina Pansera | Mathieu Cardin
22 Jun 2016   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightStaging Critical Chinoiserie: Karen Tam’s Terra dos Chinês Curio Shop
September 02, 2016

The latest iteration of Karen Tam’s mixed media installation Terra dos Chinês Curio Shop (2011-ongoing)[1] turns attention to the spaces of...
08 Sep 2016   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightNow And Then: Intentionally In-Between
November 05, 2016


Each in their own way, the four artists who comprise the exhibition Future Memories present works that investigate time, particularly the temporal spaces that exist between past, present,... Ambivalently Yours | HTMlles | HTMlles 12 | Sophia Borowska | Zeesy Powers | Zinnia Naqvi
24 Nov 2016   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightYou Are As Beautiful As You Think You Are
February 17, 2017

(Versión en español debajo)

In #Postcolonialbooty, Eduardo Velázquez explores difficult questions of violence, beauty, gender identity and race. In this body of work, fantasy and...
16 Mar 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightInterview: Eduardo Velázquez
February 17, 2017

My name is Eduardo Shlomo Velázquez. I am a painter, performance artist and filmmaker from Santo Domingo living in New York City. I am very excited to present my most recent work at articule in Montreal. As an...
10 Mar 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightWinnie Ho: Being Together
April 20, 2017


In an age defined by digital spaces and interactions, it may well be that bodies in proximity and physical touch possess an amplified potential for radical experience. Over a period of one week in... Conversations with another while being | performance | Winnie Ho
20 Apr 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightWelcome to Our Garden of Earthly Delights
April 20, 2017

When thinking about gardens or parks, references ‘spring’ to mind such as the infamous Garden of Eden, the ornate and geometric Versailles gardens, and the massive Central Park in New York City. Literary... garden | Garden of speculations | plants
20 Apr 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightEven this page is white 1
September 26, 2017

by Nima Esmailpour

Taken with a neutral facial expression, bullet points follow: Eyes open and clearly visible. Mouth closed, no smiling. How interesting that a passport photo can be a description of... majorite invisible | nima esmailpour | shabnam zeraati
26 Sep 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightDocuments as monuments: the transformative Indigenous temporalities of hochelaga rock
October 21, 2017

“… history, in its traditional form, under¬took to ‘memorize’ the monuments of the past, transform them into documents, and lend speech to those traces which, in themselves, are often not... hannah claus | hochelaga rock
21 Dec 2017   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightArtist Publishing as Archival Practice: Ho Tam's Cover to Cover
February 09, 2018

by Candace Mooers.

Self-publishing is about taking up space. It's about not asking permission from a committee of jurors or peer-reviewers or editors. It's about autonomy; it stems from wanting to... candace mooers
15 Mar 2018   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightWorld Cup!
May 18, 2018

by Amber Berson

The idea for this program has been kicking around for a while (pun most definitely intended). I’ve long been fascinated with the notion of sports fandom. What about watching sports makes... Amber Berson | arkadi lavoie lachapelle | null ace | onyeka igwe | World Cup
23 May 2018   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightKeeping Painting Contemporary: Inserting New Perspectives in an "Old" Medium
September 14, 2018

by Ariane Fairlie

In the mid-17th century the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture founded by the [French] King’s painters and sculptors established a genre hierarchy, all dominated by... articule | Florence Yee | Gabriela Avila-Yiptong | Le Salon | painting
04 Oct 2018   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightVirtual Gaze
November 03, 2018

by Tina Lam

As digital technologies sweep across the globe, it may be believed that a virtual space will open the way towards greater fluidity of expression for historically oppressed and...
09 Nov 2018   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightLittle Egypt: Nothing But a Button and a Bow [wo wo!]
January 23, 2019

by Sarah Nesbitt

“And here she comes, the little lady that does the dance to the Pyramids. The one, the only, little Egypt! There she is folks! She walks, she talks, she crawls upon her belly like a...
30 Jan 2019   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightAll Land is Sacred
March 01, 2019

by Maria Antonia Trujillo


In the show SITUER / SITUATE artists were asked to reflect on a sense of place. Place both as a definable physical...
01 Mar 2019   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightCreation is a Survival Mechanism
May 10, 2019


by Adrienne Huard and Lindsay Nixon


Staggering conversations of our near-ending futures due to global warming circulate through mass media, as...
15 May 2019   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightDirty Play
November 13, 2019

What do botany, BDSM, and medical examinations have in common? On the surface, you would be forgiven for assuming nothing, but Sarah Mihara Creagen artfully threads an unlikely line of investigation...
13 Nov 2019   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightResistance Within the Resistance
February 27, 2020

27 Feb 2020   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightRat Race / Art Race
August 24, 2012

“Success is the necessary misfortune of life, but it is only to the very unfortunate that it comes early.” —Anthony Trollope


The Quebec student protests of 2012 shone new...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightTerritorial Re-Marks by Jasia Stuart
October 19, 2012

Opening in October 2012 in Montreal’s artist-run centre articule and showing at Brooklyn’s The Front Room Gallery in January 2013 exhibit a duo from each of the respective cities. Montreal’s...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  




The exploration of identity gives rise to points of resistance, particularly among those who diverge from the dominant social prescriptions around gender and sexuality. Identifying as queer rejects the...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightThe Uneasy Life by Rhonda Meier
January 25, 2013

Knowledge.  Who has it?  How is it defined, and valued?  And by whom?   Building on previous dialogical projects with street-involved people,  Linda Duvall and Peter Kingstone elicit...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  



arrow_rightFor my dad
May 03, 2013

One element of the desire to make, or re-make, is born of some need or another to alter or adapt.  I may need a certain tool for a particular job, and as a result I alter an existing tool to the task at hand;...
20 Mar 2014   |   [comment_count]  


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