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For over ten years, articule has been presenting public interventions, live art projects, happenings, new artistic practices, as well as public talks, workshops, video/film screenings, etc. through its special projects programming. We invite artists and people working in other fields to question with us what is undisciplinarity today. How, by example, do we draw the line between art and community or activist projects, between aesthetic, political, scientific, or philosophical research? How are these limits transgressed? Projects can happen at the gallery, online or off site. We are also open to collaborations with other organisations. In order to respond quickly to proposed initiatives, the committee will meet regularly throughout the year to review submissions.

Support by articule for special projects can take many forms: promotional and logistic support, access to the center’s equipment, administrative infrastructure, venue, and financial support. People with an idea they would like to discuss and develop further with the committee are also invited to do so.


Proposals must include:
- curriculum vitae
- a clear description of the project (max. 2 pages)
- a global budget with details on how articule’s support will be used

Visual support material
- supporting material (including one or more of the following)
- maximum of 20 digital images (on CD) or slides, clearly identified
- maximum of one DVD (max.10 min.), clearly identified
- a website
- any other document you consider pertinent to your submission
- a descriptive list for the visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)
- a self-addressed, sufficiently pre-stamped envelope if you want your
supporting material to be sent back to you

If you submit digital images please comply with the following guidelines: - compatible with MacIntosh OS 10.4 and OS 10.5
- jpeg format suggested, do not exceed 1 MB or 1024 x 768 pixels
- identify each image with a number and a title corresponding to the descriptive list

Please  send your submission at :
Mailed-in dossiers that are not claimed or not pre-stamped will not be kept.


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