Podcast: Art and Intimacy: the relational power of art and teaching

October 22, 2016

In this round table, artist k.g. Guttman brings together artists and researchers around notions of play, authenticity and trust. How do these ideas operate in the teacher / student relationship in fine arts? How does the ability to forge powerful connections with students enable learning in the creative process? How does teaching inside the university reflect on intimacy in learning? With Nika Khanjani Rosadiuk, Skye Maule-O’Brien and François Morelli, k.g. Guttman will attempt to answer these questions which form the basis of her new publication, It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it. To be launched following the discussion, the publication is an accumulative interview between art historian, professor and writer Nancy Ring (1962-2010) and Guttman. The questions asked during their dialogues were on the topics of art, teachings, politics, love and memory, among other things

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k.g. Guttman

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